Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't call it a comeback! cause we are new...

Hello World! Thank you for checking out the blog for Social Incast Media! We are a young company of creative minds stretched across the nation. Our main office is in Seattle, with contributors in Oklahoma City, and Los Angeles. 
 My name is Joshua A. Hicks and I am the founder of Social Incast Media. I worked for many years on big scale productions in Hollywood and around the world, but was never really content. I guess I'm too much of a country boy.
 I come from a small town in Oklahoma (hollah back Poteau!) which was once ranked in the top 100 best small towns. Over time our industry left to China, and our Mom-N-Pops all but dried up thanks to big box stores like Wal-Mart and Blockbuster, leaving Poteau to be just another town struggling to keep it's identity among the parking lots. I noticed the same thing happening all over the country, in areas big and small. Maybe I'm nostalgic, but I miss the days of small businesses, from greasy spoons to fine dining, from dentist offices to driving ranges. Businesses that represent a family dream, not corporate profit margins. 
  I decided to put my years of production knowledge to good use! I formed Social Incast Media with the goal of offering small to mid-sized businesses the chance to have branding and advertising materials with the look and polish of a big budget campaign, but at an affordable price. I am able to shoot small scale video with certain production techniques I learned in the major studios to get a stunningly cinematic look. I also have connections with great graphic designers, and web gurus that work with me to design social media campaigns that drive customers to the little guys, not just the companies that drop millions on advertising.
  In short- Social Incast Media is leveling the playing field. Look out Goliath!